10 mobile app for your smart daily life


10 mobile app for your smart daily life

With the greatest development of technology, our life is getting busier day by day. Now it’s our job to keep a good alliance with these improvements. Market research firm Nielsen, during their recent survey, find that the average person uses around 27 apps in a month. Now Apple iOS and Android OS rule the smart phone market. There are a lot of mobile applications are being launched every day. But the question arise that do you really knows which app is for you? to reply this question, one has to install an application and after that, you have to test the features. Finding 10 useful app sounds like very few considering the Google and Apple’s app stores both have more than one million apps available.

In this article, we will cover 10 useful mobiles applications that I tested personally and found very helpful in our daily life.

Expensify: This app offers an easy to use interface which allows you to scan and categorise your receipts automatically. This app is very intuitive and clean.

GoToMeeting: This is an amazing app. A new updated version was released this year. It has made your online meetings extremely efficient. It is reliable, extremely simple to use, fast, and making it an ideal platform to hold conferences or meetings.

MyFitnessPal: This app is one of the simplest ways to quickly log your calories. Firstly, setting your daily target to suit no matter what your current fitness plan is. It also works well with other health-related apps too, from Fitbit to Runkeeper.

Peak – Brain Training: This app is one the best app for training your brain. Peak do the different thing on smartphones and tablets. It features with dozens of mini-games which designed to test the thinking skills and track your improvement.

Hotel Tonight: Surprisingly, a lot of people are now choosing this app not only to book accommodation but also to pitch up and use this app on every day. It is designed with speed and simplicity play mode that a few taps and you are all booked up.

Yahoo Weather: The weather might be sunny or rainy but at least the forecast by this app looks pretty. Yahoo weather app is not just nice looking, though: there is plenty of features to dig into. As you can browse ahead for daily and hourly weather forecasts by this app.

Duolingo: Learn Languages: Right now, Duolingo is the number one many language-learning apps, this app is one of the simplest, but most effective apps. It is designed with step by step lessons which are a fun way to get up to learn Spanish, Dutch, German and other languages.

MixRadio: MixRadio is the app for streaming playlists focuses on Apple Music and Spotify. MixRadio allows you to enjoy 24 hours music. It is the best app for entertainment and music lover.

Flipboard: It is the most favourite app for those people who are like to read a different magazine and other topics related contents. It will turn your favourite topics or sites into a flappable digital magazine, and bring in social feeds too.

Dropbox: You may have Google, Microsoft or Apple phone and all of these devices come up a cloud-storage service attached. But Dropbox makes for an excellent alternative, whether you are want to store either its photos, documents or music.