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Cliffcrest is a family residential neighborhood located east of the central core in Scarborough is more cottage like in looks and feel than being a neighborhood in Canada’s most densely populated city. The neighborhood gets its name from the Scarborough Bluffs and runs through the lake along the Lake Ontario which are large sandy cliffs towering over the lake edges. Cliffcrest is bounded by Bellamy Road to the east, Midland Avenue to the west, Scarborough Bluffs of Lake Ontario to the south and the CN rail tracks to the north.

Homes in Cliffcrest

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In Cliffcrest, homes are diverse ranging from bungalows, one and half story houses, detached houses, semi-detached houses build mansions, and two story houses which were mainly built in the late 40s and 50s, but there are also modern custom built houses found in the town. While at the residential area south Kingston road, the cottage-like ambience created by the cozy cottage houses around the vicinity makes the area appealing for inhabitants. Another plus is that some of this houses offers their inhabitants the alluring view of the Lake Ontario.

Schools around

Schools available around Cliffcrest includes, Bliss Carman Senior Public School (10 Bellamy Rd S, Scarborough), Anson Park Public School (30 Macduff Crescent, Scarborough), Fairmount Public School (31 Sloley Rd, Scarborough), H A Halbert Junior Public School (31 McCowan Rd, Scarborough), and St. Agatha Catholic School (49 Cathedral Bluffs Drive, Toronto). Others include, R H King Academy (3800 St Clair Ave E, Scarborough), Gnostic Institute of Canada (3700 St Clair Ave E, Toronto), and John Martin College the Learning Place (3090 Kingston Rd, Toronto).


There are numerous business entities in Cliffcrest. The CLIFFCREST Plaza, which is a massive shopping mall is located at 3049 Kingston Rd. While the Shoppers Drug Mart, at 2999 Kingston Rd, is another. Scarborough Town Centre, located at 300 Borough Drive, Bridlewood Mall, at 2900 Warden Ave, and Scarborough are other shopping malls in Cliffcrest.


Another enticing advantage of living in Cliffcrest is the availability of numerous restaurants. Restaurants like the Vi Pei located at 3101 Kingston Rd, Scarborough, Seraphia Inspired Cuisine located at 2979 Kingston Rd, Scarborough, Bluffers Restaurant located at 7 Brimley Rd S, Scarborough and Sushi & Tea located at 3027 Kingston Rd, Scarborough are in Cliffcrest to satisfy habitants with some of the best recipes around. Others include, Thai Indeed at 3081 Kingston Rd, Super Choy Restaurant at2825 Kingston Rd, Vindaloo Indian Cuisine at 2891 Kingston Rd, and Pizza L’Amore at 3110 Kingston Rd all in Scarborough. This are just few of the restaurants in Cliffcrest.

Relaxation & Parks

There are also numerous recreation parks in Cliffcrest for fun lovers. The Cudia Park is located at 70 Meadowcliffe Drive, the Cathedral Bluffs Park is located at 24 Lyme Regis Crescent, the beautiful Halbert Park is located at 24 Rockwood Drive and the Anson Park is located at 50 Macduff Crescent. Others include the Adanac Park at 15 Belmuir Pl, Muir Park at 66 Martindale Rd, the astounding Scarborough Bluffs Park is at 61 Under Cliff Drive, Bluffers Park at 1 Brimley Rd S, and Bluffer's Park Marina at 7 Brimley Rd S. There are other exceptional recreation parks of noted not mentioned in this article.

Sports centers & Entertainment hub

There are numerous sports centers in Cliffcrest for individuals to keep fit. Sports centers like Cliffrest Fitness located at 2967 Kingston Rd, and the Cathedral Bluffs Yacht Club at 2975 Kingston Rd are the two notable ones. While the Working Dog Saloon at 3676 St Clair Ave E, The Dogfish Pub & Eatery at 7 Brimley Rd S and The Korner Pub at 3045 Kingston Rd are few notable entertainment hubs for Cliffcrest inhabitants.

Getting Around/Transit

Individuals can get around Cliffcrest through bus services along Cliffcrest main streets which connects passengers to the Kennedy station or the Scarborough Go transit train station at St. Clair Avenue. But for people intent on motoring, the Kingston road is a feasible option.

Major Street Boundaries

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