How smartphone became your daily partner


How smartphone became your daily partner

Many psychologists assert that a large number of people in their long-term partnerships are now having to compete with partner’s smartphone for gaining attention and making it the third wheel in their pure relationship.

Harmonize with new forms of technologies are nothing new. Just think about the phones and automobiles changed our culture. Apart from that, radio, television, air-conditioning, computers, and others new inventions shined significant changes in our society, culture and in the way, we are related to our friends and family.

Now, smartphone may become an indispensable and integral part of our lives, but a recent study find that how they are having a negative or positive effect on your daily lives and become our 24/7 partner. Well, our own partner might be feel jealous of our smartphone, and why not? After all, this small device is stealing all of our attention from our real partner.

Nothing can kill romance as fast as pulling out a smartphone, many research confirms it. Being attached with your smartphone seems to destruct your attention with your loved one.

Sometime, you might walk into a restaurant and at that time you notice a couple is setting near to  you. Meanwhile, you observe that they are not actually together because both of them or one is operating a smartphone. So you think, how sad the couple are and they are not talking to each other. Really, it is the picture of this 21th-century.

There are some important elements in our life that we will need to organize and sort out. It is vital need to have a routine and plan things to make your life run smoother. A smartphone is such an important device that help us to organize our life. If you have one, then you might easily know that how important it is. There is so many things that a smartphone can do and also play different key role in our life. If you do not have a smartphone yet, then it is important to think about getting a smartphone.

If you want to advance and enhance your personal life and working life, then you need to have a smartphone. You can use the phone like a miniature laptop. Here is a short list of the reasons why smartphone is our daily life partner.

Connectivity, the smartphone is mainly so important for it. This is not just about text messaging or phone calls. But there are a large number of connectivity options available in a smartphone.  We can access different social networking sites by this.

A smartphone size is almost like a miniature computer. You can synchronize email with your smartphone, even you can use your phone for business. Some applications like One Drive, Google Docs, Evernote or Adobe means that you can easily create and share your information with others.