How to keep yourself active and fit…?

160 How to keep yourself active and fit…?

click It is easy to make an answer to get fit but staying active and fit in all seasons can be a big challenge. It may be hard to keep motivated and all types of barriers may get in the way of exercise. In our busy life, it becomes impossible to pass one or two hours at the gym daily. Still, if you demand to be healthy by avoiding exercise there may not any single solution. However, there are still some number of ways to incorporate activity into your daily lifestyle, so that you do not go to the gym.”http:/”http:/ Here, we are providing some tips that will help you to stay active all seasons/year-round.

Proper daily plan: Always remember, when you are going to eat and what you are going to eat. Making a good plan at the beginning of the day so that you are not scrambling when you are hungry. This helps you to keep away from the temptation of fast-food or pastries in the break room.

Increase outdoor hobbies: If you hate to continue exercise, perhaps you would like to throw a Frisbee with your doggie, make time to play baseball with your kid or you can play basketball with friends. Incorporate socializing into your active outdoor hobbies may likely to view them as exercise.

Avoid car, move by walking or biking: There is an option that your daily commute will not only take out the necessity to go to a gym, it will also release work-related stress and help you to get more Vitamin D from sunlight.

Clean your household chores: Scrubbing, dusting, mopping, vacuuming, sweeping, window washing, gardening, raking, car washing and other chores qualify as exercise. According to the British survey found that a woman takes approximately 2 and a half hours per week to clean these household chores. This is the same amount of moderate exercise that is usually recommended by doctors.

Avoid Drink Sugar: A study by Tufts University in Boston looked at the group between the nutritional habits and sugar-sweetened drinks of 947 adults. The person who drank the sugary beverages (soda) had a lower intake of fiber and a higher risk of obesity. But when you celebrate, opt for wine, a drink mixed with club soda or beer. Margarita mix, Coke, orange juice often has more calories than the alcohol.

Eat vegetable and fruit: Take a daily plan to have fruits and vegetables make up half of each meal. Your breakfast must be half fruit, and your lunch and dinner, half vegetable. Who mix that snacks should have the same 50/50 ratio: think a yogurt and carrots, or an apple and string cheese.

Apart from these you can Dance or do aerobics at home, practice light yoga moves while talking on the phone or listening to the news, taking the stairs instead of the elevator. So far that all you have to do to keep yourself active and fit all the time.