Kennedy Park‎



Kennedy Park is also called Scarborough Junction. It is a culturally diverse community in Scarborough district with expedient access to Toronto and reasonably priced properties. It is bounded by Birchmount Road (West), Brimley Road, Eglinton Avenue, and St. Clair Avenue. Kennedy Park is a family oriented, culturally diverse community with lots of delicate features, a vibrant shopping corridor, and quick access in and out to Toronto City.

Real Estate

Kennedy Park Real Estate has its history from one of the earliest settlements in then Scarborough, the town of Strangford. It started in 1863, at the intersection of St. Claire and Victoria Park. In 1865, another small town was founded called Mortlake. These little farming hamlets got shifted when SScarborough junction started ~ the two major railways meet.The Grand Trunk Railway tracks were laid over the area in 1856 while in 1873, the Toronto and Nipissing Railway tracks were laid. The industrial activities of the area evolved from rural farming to upkeep of the railroads and supporting travelers (tourism). The two towns of Mortlake and Strangford, combined into Scarborough Junction which grew and became the most inhabited community in the Township of Scarborough by 1896. It further grew after World War II into new suburbs.


Properties in Kennedy Park are in the residential hub of Eglinton Avenue. They comprise of small bungalows, semi-detached homes, and some storey-and-a-half houses that date back to the 1940s-50s. Meanwhile, Treverton Park subdivision (East of Kennedy Road) features bigger houses which were built in the 1950s-60s. On the marginal streets of the community, there are many high-rises and mid-rise rental apartment buildings owned by Metro Toronto Housing Authority.


Kennedy Park got its name in 1873 after the first post office in the neighbourhood was built. Also, Scarborough Junction got its name from the meeting of two railway tracks – the Toronto-Nippising and the Grand Trunk. In 1896, Kennedy Park was one of the  most populous locality within the then Scarborough Township. This boosted amenities and schools, churches, stores, etc. were built around and off Kennedy Road and south of Eglinton Avenue. The building of residential Scarborough Junction started in the late 1940s-50s when farming lands were exchanged with homes for war veterans. The houses were small, cozy and beautiful bungalows. The first homes sold very rapidly and set a pace for the real estate market – building and selling affordable residences in the then Toronto outskirts of Scarborough.


In Kennedy Park, the main retail shopping hub that meets the needs residents and visitors is located along Eglinton Avenue: sports bars, restaurants, medical offices and much more. Other shopping centers include the Greystone Plaza, the Kennedy Park Plaza, and two other shopping malls. These shopping clusters have indeed made Kennedy Park on the wish list of many homeowners because of the comfort of living.

Entertainment and Recreation

Kennedy Park has lots of entertainment attractions, recreational facilities, and fun activities. The Mid Scarborough Community Centre (Eglinton Avenue East) has a variety fitness, dance and social programs, arts, and crafts, with outdoor tennis courts. The community has many smaller parks with complimentary amenities for all.

Getting Around

Kennedy Park residents enjoy peace of mind owing to quick access to the public transportation. West of Bellamy Road is The Eglinton Go Train station with trains that shuttles commuters down to Toronto’s Union Station in an average twenty minutes. There are bus routes of the Toronto Transit Commission, which run along Kennedy and Midland Roads, Eglinton Avenue and McCowan and Bellamy Roads. It links commuters to stations on the Scarborough Rapid Transit as well as the Bloor-Danforth subway lines.