Laughter, The Best Medicine


Laughter, The Best Medicine

It is a great source of fun to share laughter and happiness with each other, but do you know that laughter is the best remedy for heart?

Where laughter has a strong impact on your relationships, it also affects your health, it actually improves your physical, mental and emotional health.

Laughter relaxes your whole body

A good laughter relaxes your muscular tension and stress,, it makes your body and muscles relax and healthy.

Laughter boosts your immune system

Laughter has great health benefits by enhancing your immune system, it helps in production of antibodies against infections, thus help to make your immune cells more strong and healthy.

Laughter triggers the production of endorphins

Endorphins are body’s natural feeling good hormones. If these hormones are produced in adequate amount, body feels healthy and happy as it makes body feel good. Laughter enhances the production of endorphins and makes a person happy.

Laughter strengthens your heart

Laughter causes your easy flow of blood through blood vessels and it decreases the chances of hypertension (high blood pressure). It protects your heart from heart failure and other cardiovascular troubles.

Laughter helps in burning your calories

Though laughter is not a replacement of Gym, but according to research 15 to 20 minutes of laughter can burn your 40 calories a somewhat it affects your overweight.

Laughter may help you Live Longer

A study in Norway found that people with good sense of humor live longer than those who don’t laugh much. The difference is particularly noted in cancer patients.

Laughter helps in reducing pain

Laughter helps in relieving pain temporarily as it promotes production of endorphins which has healthy effects on body.

Laughter lightens your angry mood

Nothing is better than laughter to lighten your angry depressing mood, when you share laughter with your loved ones, it reduces your depression. By looking on positive and funny side you can sort out your problems with better perspective. Laughter helps you to move on from your conflicts and anxieties.

Laughter bring people together and strengthen relationships

Sharing laughter is one of the best tool in keeping relationships exciting and happy. All emotional sharing with laughter makes a strong love bond among relations which is very necessary to heel the resentments, disagreements and pains.

Laughter brings people together and unite them in hard times of life. It is not necessary to hear jokes to produce laughter but if you spend quality time with your loved ones, you may share smiles with each other and smile is the beginning of laughter. When you are in hopeless state, just count your blessings, try to be away from negative thoughts by making your life meaningful.

Laugh at yourself makes you more Energetic

Sharing embarrassing situations and moments with your family and friends bring good laughter among all of you, Try to become less serious by admitting your mistakes and taking it light. Laughing at yourself eases tension on bad situations that happened to you.

Just remember one thing, being a human you are not perfect, you may have many imperfections, but don’t lose hope in any situation. Try to be consistent upon your task and make Laughter an important part of your life. Your life is beautiful, make it exciting with healthy laughter.

Stay away from Doctors,,,, Make Laughter your Remedy in every day’s life…….