Why you love living and working in your town

CN Tower in Toronto, Canada

Toronto, the dream place of millions of people, is the city of multicultural, bright lights, history, after all an amazing city for living, working and education. After the World War II, millions of immigrants have been started to enter in the Canada and most of them in Toronto. Now, Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities around the world. More than 100 languages are spoken in this city and almost 50 percent were born outside Canada.

So, why I love living in Toronto? There are so many reason to love this beautiful city. The Economist ranked Toronto city as one of the best place to live. The Economist was also conducted a good study to assess livability, security, education, business environment, cost of living and more in most of the mega cities across the world. Toronto was gained the top ten position for almost every category. Moreover, Toronto city was rewarded for its consistency with the title of number one place to live. University of Toronto, OCAD, Ryerson University, George Brown College, York University, Humber College—this list is going on. Toronto is the city of full of universities and colleges……and therefore, full of young graduates!

In Toronto, you do not need to purchase a car to visit this city. Here, it is much better to take the Toronto Transit Commission, because it is most cost effective. Moreover, walking is also another solid option. Interestingly, Toronto is the best place for night owls, either you go to late night study or bar, everything else is 24 hours! Food scene in Toronto is as different as its different population, which means I have a lot of opportunity to try something new food items every day if I want so. Toronto is well-seasoned city and bring variety in the spice of life.

Caribana, BuskerFest, Nuit Blanche, Pride, Taste the Danforth, Food Truck festivals, the Toronto Christmas Market and a long of festival which are free to enjoy. Otherwise, Toronto is famous for cheap eats everywhere, you can enjoy any food within reasonable price.

Toronto is ranked top for youth employment. In terms of economic status, Youthful Cities Index rated our beloved city Toronto 3rd around the world. During their study, they found that Toronto city had top levels of youth employment and access digital technology.

Toronto is the home of more national and international high-ranked companies than any other city in Canada. This city is the address of Canada’s leading business and corporate capital. Hundreds of countries maintain their consulate offices in Toronto. Economy of Toronto is leading with 10 most employment groups such as financial services, medical, biotechnology, food, beverage packaging, and more. Enterprise Toronto always provides fastest services and programs tailored to help entrepreneurs start and expand small business operations around the city.