Make a list of the software you can’t live without.


The smartphone app markets are flooded over more than millions of apps. All smartphone users are familiar with popular apps like Dropbox and Facebook, and still there are so many pointless apps too. Without those apps, you cannot live your life hassle free. I’ll agree, this simple list does not have everything. With these apps installed, you might be able to hold just about anything.

Social Media App:

Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Pinterest, Skype, Google+, WhatsApp, Instagram, Kik, Viber, Tango, LinkedIn and a lot. You might be used top 3 or the top 5 social networking sites daily. You are getting addicted with the growing popularity of social media networking app. Every day, whenever you get time you are using those apps to know what others friends share in his/her profile. At the same time, you can also post any picture, status or your current activities towards your friends. Even those communication tools and interactive tools are helpful to easily communicate with others either in audio or video call.

Email app:

Alto, Aqua Mail, AOL, Blue Mail, Gmail, Yahoo, GMX, K-9 Mail, Mail Wise, My Mail, Outlook and others emailing site are available in Play store or App store. Email is the oldest and most effective forms of online mode of communication. There are a lots of email apps and email services that accompany them.  Every day, we spend most of our busy time by mailing, often reading inbox mail or sending someone any important mail for person or business purpose. Somewhere along the way, mail got lost. It is the service that many of us use every single day for various purpose. It always keeps us connected with business, personal and social life, and also stores most valuable information.

Cloud Storage:

Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Drive, Media Fire, Mega, One drive and other cloud storage that have plenty of option to store and share file. It’s true that we are not in the era of where having and using cloud storage. But it is efficient and does not take up your internal storage, and it is far more convenient and hassle free than carrying an external memory or hard drive around everywhere. It is also allowing us to share files with another people. You may get ahead of the great tools with these cloud storage services and apps for your iPhone or Android! Moreover, there are also many great free cloud storage apps which do not cost you any single penny and all these app allow a certain level of free storage.

Video Streaming Apps:

These apps are truly addiction for the user whom love to online video contents. Video streaming is another big deal. Using cable subscription is now looking less and less likely a good deal and there are thousands of ways to download or enjoy online video content. This revolution has been streamed, not televised. There is a long list of the best online video streaming apps for smartphone.

Apart from that, there are still so many app which have been used by user for daily activities purpose.