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Milliken located north-east of Toronto is the rising tide of urbanization in the Greater Toronto area. This neighborhood has modernized drastically after only giving up its farming activities in the 1980s. Milliken has not only modernized, but it has also grown into a serene family oriented neigh hood. This neighborhood has many colossal features which depicts the history and beauty of the neighborhood. This includes a modern public library and neighbourhood centre, the stunning Milliken Park, and the awesome Milliken Park Recreational Trail.

Homes in Milliken

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In Milliken, homes are mainly of single detached and modern two storey detached houses built in the 80s and 90s. These houses are family oriented and ranges from small to medium sizes with garages and private drives attached therein. Also, there area handful condominium apartment located in the McCowan Road and Alton Towers Drive section of the town.

Schools around

There are numerous schools in Milliken, below are few of them Milliken Public School, located at 130 Port Royal Trail. Milliken Mills High School, located at 7522 Kennedy Rd, Markham. Milliken Elementary School, located at 100 Broad St, Milliken. Milliken Middle School, located at 266 S Irene Ave, Milliken. Knowledge Quest Academy, located at 705 School House Drive, Milliken. Mother Teresa CES, located at 7100 Birchmount Rd, Markham. St. Marguerite Bourgeoys Catholic School, located at 75 Alexmuir Boulevard Agincourt Francis Libermann Catholic High School, located at 4640 Finch Ave E. St. Francis Xavier Catholic, located at 223 Highglen Ave, Markham Saint Benedict Catholic Elementary School, located at 50 Aldergrove Dr, Markham. Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School, located at 3200 Kennedy Rd, Scarborough.


Residents of Milliken have numerous shopping malls at their disposal. This neighborhood is a business hub and many business entities are embracing its warmth. The following are shopping malls in Milliken Milliken Wells Shopping Centre, located at 240 Alton Towers Cir, Scarborough. Denison Centre, located at 1661 Denison St, Markham. Agincourt Mall, located at 3850 Sheppard Ave E, Scarborough. Market Village, located at 4390 Steeles Avenue East, Markham. Splendid China Mall, located at 4675 Steeles Ave E, Scarborough. GTA Square Mall, located at 5215 Finch Ave E, Scarborough.


There are a host of restaurants in Milliken but these are the more popular ones: Milliken Restaurant, located at 7725 Birchmount Rd, Markham. Milliken Bar & Restaurant, located at 4016 Finch Ave E, Scarborough. Tasty House, located at 240 Alton Towers Cir #5, Scarborough. Lucky bread & cake, located at 244 Alton Towers Cir, Scarborough. New May Hong Yuen B.B.Q. Rest, located at 254 Alton Towers Cir, Scarborough.

Relaxation Parks and Sports centers.

The following are recreational parks and sports centers in Milliken where residents can have fun: Milliken Park Community Recreation, located at 4325 McCowan Rd, Scarborough. Milliken Mills Community Center, located at 7600 Kennedy Rd, Markham. Thompson Rivers Parks & Recreation District, located at 320 Centennial Drive, Milliken. Unionville-Milliken Soccer Club, located at 7700 Kennedy Rd, Markham.

Getting Around/Transit

Residents can get around via buses plying across Brimley, McCowan, and Middlefield Roads. These roads provide connections to the Toronto Transit and Go Transit station which is at the Scarborough City Centre. Also, residents can also use the Steeles Avenue buses which provides a route that connects to the Yonge-University- Spadina subway line. The Highway 401 on ramp at McCowan and Brimley roads provides quick access to the Don Valley Parkway for motorists

Major Street Boundaries


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