Things that make everyone happy


Things that make everyone happy

Wake refreshed

To make your day full of happiness, you have to wake refreshed. Ironically, to become happy when you are awake, you have to be sure that you spend quality time in bed. Have sound time to get enough sleep.

Find love

It may be that few people would enjoy many year alone on an island or desert; in fact, most people keep themselves busy by trying to escape. However, getting someone who loves you so much can enhance your happiness.

Keep fit

The human body, by keeping fit especially our brain, works best when someone is physically fit. No need to join a gym, just be active stay active and exercise in whatever way you actually preferred most.

Have goals

Without goals life become boring. Setting even the lowest targets will help you to focus on achieving them. Try to fix your small/big goals and celebrate reaching each one.

Build a nest

Did you ever seen how pets build their beautiful nest? This is the place where they can feel warm, protected and safe. Your retreat may be your bedroom, your house, or even the bathroom.

Pace yourself

It is too easy to have on too much, and later you will get yourself spinning too many plates. Here, I am not supporting laziness, but you need to avoid being overloaded.

Plan treats

It does not matter, if no one treats you. You have to learn to treat yourself according to your expectation. You can make each treat as a reward for your particular achievement. Small and Big treats both are equally important, so start today!


Give presents

Sometimes it is so good to make others happy. Give present is another good ways to be happy yourself. Be a noble friend, and life will obviously repay you with interest.

Be tolerant

It might be a common scene that others people will try to pass their disquiet on to you. If you do not love them dearly, just simply offer sympathy but be prepared not to become infected with their disquiet.


Playing is one of the best option to become happy. Our childhood used to happy because you normally passed our childhood life by playing. Play, especially with your friends, life partner, or family member lets you forget any troubles and laugh.

Volunteer Your Time

If a people give of himself, either by talent or time, his focus moves from his life to that of others. Helping others let us to realize that our own problems aren’t as bad as it is. You invariably workshop experience and new relationships an uplift in your life spirit.


Whatever you like a dog or not, but the sight of these fluffy little things can bring bound smile to your face. You might not actually be human, if you do not believe this. And get puppies actually develop your health.