Try some exclusive workouts to lose weight


Try some exclusive workouts to lose weight.

Everybody know exercise is good for health, but when someone is trying to lose his weight exercise becomes even more important. Where to start? How about the good exercises for losing weight, which rev your metabolism, target multiple muscles, and burn calories.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope exercise is the extreme fat burner that help to boost your caloric burn and lose weight. There is no other exercise which can do same thing as this one. It is consider that ten minutes of jumping rope is equivalent of running an eight-minute mile. The impact of each jump is absorbed by legs, and jump rope have lower risks than running for knee damage.

Running & Jogging

Running or jogging is one of the most effective full body workouts out there. You need only an ‘equipment’ that is a pair of good shoes. Running a few kilometers a day will: boost your metabolic rate, help you shed that unwanted body fat, increase your fitness levels and endurance. However, Running is hard on your knees, so the best thing is to make progress slowly. Improve your speed and also distance as your fitness levels improve.


Lunges are very common exercise to loss fat. There are different variation to the lunge. But, strongly effective for weight loss lunge is plain jane forward lunge, as it usually works multiple muscles at once for burning maximum calorie.


Burpees is another extra-ordinary workouts to lose weight. This burpees exercise mainly effectively targets your chest, legs and core simultaneously. Know you are building lots of lean muscle and feel the burn. You have to repeat 8 to 12 times to complete a single set. Try to complete 3 sets each day.

 Swiss ball plank circle

First of all, place a Swiss ball on the surface and take a pushup position with your hands on Swiss ball. Now, have rest by lowering your forearms on the ball, and still keep your body in a straight line with abs braced. To roll the ball in a circular motion use your elbows, clockwise and then counterclockwise.

 Dumbbell Romanian deadlift

At first, hold a dumbbell in your both hand and keep stand with feet hip width. Now try to push your hips back side at the same time, keeping your lower back side in its natural arch, than bend your torso to forward. At this time, lower your body as much you can until you feel a hamstrings stretch, if you want than you may bend slightly at the knees.


Riding a bike is also another cardiovascular exercises. It is very interesting workouts a whole! Breezing past vehicle as you feel the air in your hair and lose massive amounts of calories. The benefits of cycling are enormous! You’ll sleep more deeply, look younger, boost your bowels, increase your brain power, and improves your sex life.