Yoga; A perfect Exercise


Yoga; A perfect Exercise

If you have not practiced yoga yet, you must know its effects on health, once you understand yoga, you will have even more passion and motivation to start yoga from today. People who are already doing yoga will definitely be noticing its health benefits. Yoga has natural healing power in all troubles including physical and mental issues.

Below few of its benefits are mentioned, though it is a deep and vast topic, which can’t be covered in this short description.

  • Yoga increases your body Flexibility

Practicing yoga makes your body flexible than ever. Initially you will feel that you are not able to touch your toes with your hand but gradually you will be able to do so, this is not any coincidence rather it is totally the health miracle of yoga which improves your flexibility and movement of your joints.

  • Gives you muscular strength

Yoga does not only make you smart and active but it gives your muscles a natural energy and strength. If you go to gym and lift weight to make your muscles strong, you will have strong muscles but at the cost of flexibility.

  • Maintains healthy Bones

Yoga helps to strengthen your bones and maintains its bones density, it helps to prevent you from bone problems like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, joints and cartilage breakdown.

  • Yoga increases your blood flow

There are certain postures in yoga which increases your blood flow and make your circulation better especially in your hands and feet. Poor circulation causes number of troubles in body so good circulation is good for health.

  • Yoga boosts your immunity

Immunity plays an important role in body. One with poor immunity is prone to get diseases more frequently. Strong immunity helps to fight against diseases and prevents you from infections. Yoga helps to boost your immunity and makes you healthier.

  • Yoga regulates your glandular and hormonal balance

Glands are much important and their secretions called hormones regulate mechanisms and metabolisms of body. Yoga keeps your hormonal balance in equilibrium and controls secretions of glands at its best.

  • Yoga reduces your stress

No matters what kind of stress do you have, yoga makes you happier and relax by reducing your stress hormones. It gives you pleasure and peace of mind. Yoga is very famous for its relaxing effects in depressed people.

  • Yoga increases your concentration

Studies have shown that Yoga helps to increase your focus, memory and even your I.Q level. Different postures and sittings enhance your concentration by focusing on certain situation and putting all your energies at one point.

  • Helps you sleep peacefully

Yoga makes your nerves relaxed and makes your sleep deep and peaceful. Yoga provides relief from hustle and bustle of everyday life. You will feel less tired and less stressed.

  • Yoga reduces your joint pains

Yoga eases pains and aches. It reduces joints pain and arthritis. Yoga improves your flexibility and bones strength. In this way it helps to decrease muscular and joints pain.

Apart from benefits above mentioned, yoga improves digestion, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol level, lowers down blood pressure and gives relief from spinal troubles.